American child star McKenna Grace (Mckenna Grace) has joined a new horror series

 American child star McKenna Grace (Mckenna Grace) has joined a new horror series

Child star child McKenna Grace (Mckenna Grace), made famous through the horror movie “Annabel,” will appear on Disney + Anthology Appeared in the series “A little further”.

The 14-year-old had already played prominent roles in Annabelle’s “Go Home” and “Ghostbusters.” This horror series is adapted from RL Stine’s comic book series, which will be one of eight episodes of the drama that will also feature Lexi Underwood. (First Lady) Marc Webb (The Extraordinary Spider-Man) also joined the director of the co-executed series produced by Stine.

Weber will direct the first two episodes. Grahame-Smith said in a previous statement: “I have always wanted to produce an anthology of genres that families can appreciate together, and to do so in a way that is suitable for children and adults. RL Stine has experienced several million years of childhood, and Disney + has proven to be a place that knows how to produce high-quality shows for the whole family. I’m so excited to be working with the two of them.

”Sting also said in the same press release,“ That was one of the most exciting things about my life. Now, I am very happy to be back with Disney to adapt a television series based on my graphic novel. Enter “Beyond” for BOOM! The studio was very happy from the beginning, and I was very happy that the excellent screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith (Seth Grahame-Smith) implemented the series on Disney +. How lucky can I be? “

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