BlackBerry Announced It Will Provide $ 50 Million In Funding For Startups Built On The BlackBerry IVY Platform

 BlackBerry Announced It Will Provide $ 50 Million In Funding For Startups Built On The BlackBerry IVY Platform

Smart Vehicle Data Platform May Help Automakers “Build Responsive In-Vehicle Services To Enhance Driver And Passenger Experience “.

the automotive ecosystem and using new BlackBerry IVY products and applications on BlackBerry IVY, you are eligible for funding through the $ 50 million IVY Innovation Fund just announced by BlackBerry. In December 2020, BlackBerry announced that it had reached a multi-year global agreement with Amazon Web Services: “IVY is a scalable, cloud-connected software platform that will enable automakers to provide a consistent and secure way to read Capture , standardize and create vehicle sensor data.

The company said in a press release that it derives actionable insights from local car data and the cloud. Automakers use this information to “create responsive in-vehicle services to enhance the experience for drivers and passengers. “The goal is to promote the expansion of the BlackBerry IVY ecosystem through innovative automotive solutions. Initially, US $ 50 million will be earmarked for investment in startups that focus on developing data-driven solutions. BlackBerry has a strength in automotive and cybersecurity fields. using IVY’s portfolio, companies will also receive up to $ 100,000 in AWS credits.

Activate through AWS, a program that has helped “thousands of early-stage startups.” includes access to activation console; Activate Console is a self-service platform, it can help start-ups to use knowledge and experience to build business See: TechRepublic Premium Editorial Calendar: IT Policies, Checklists, Toolkits and Research Downloads (TechRepublic Premium) Results-Oriented General Manager Sarah Cooper Research Staff Amazon Web Services engineering said: “The BlackBerry IVY reshapes the automotive customer experience by transforming the vehicle from a fixed technology to a system that can grow and adapt to user needs.

The BlackBerry IVY Innovation Fund is an important step in building a community. BlackBerry stated that it will be committed to developing the BlackBerry IVY ecosystem to enable OEMs, smart mobility providers, fleet operators and developers to take full advantage of the valuable insights of the next generation of PCs. Smart connected cars. “The connected car market is evolving at a tremendous rate of innovation,” said Vito Giallorenzo, senior vice president of corporate development and strategic partnerships for BlackBerry in the same press release. “BlackBerry IVY plays a potentially critical role in enabling a rich ecosystem of solutions.

The ecosystem of the solution can enhance and enhance the experience for drivers and passengers and ultimately completely change the way we travel from A to B. Giallorenzo continued: “The BlackBerry IVY Innovation Fund will be a powerful tool that will allow both partners and emerging partners to benefit from the powerful data insights of the BlackBerry IVY and help us advance the advancement of the entire transportation industry. “

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