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    10 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die

    If you're a travel buff, then you've probably already booked your next vacation. If you haven't, though, then there's no better time to start planning that trip that will take you to 10 amazing places before you die. It's the sort of goal-oriented list that makes for good reading, and it can inspire your own travels.
    Concluding sentence: These are just ten examples of the many amazing places worth visiting before they become part of history books. What are some places


    Although the past of Swat Valley was difficult, both the present and the future are very bright. This stunning valley in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is like a fairy tale. 

    Think of bright green fields and forests, picturesque villages, and rivers so bright and clear in blue shades, you won't believe them to be real.


    If you live in Pakistan, or have read something about this country, you will almost certainly encounter the name Hunza. But don't let the word "valley" confuse you: Hunza is actually a huge area made up of many valleys and villages.


    Hingol National Park is technically in Pakistan, but it looks more like a Martian planet! The park covers an area of ​​more than 6,000 square kilometers and contains incredibly unique rock formations, vast canyons, numerous animals, and even a mud volcano. In addition, part of the national park is close to the coastline, adding ocean to all its other assets. 

    Although it seems to be completely out of this world, Hingol is only a 3.5-hour drive from Karachi, Pakistan's most populous city. Pakistanis should have no problem entering the park, but foreigners have different experiences. 

    Some people accompanied by locals can spend an evening/weekend in the park, while others only get a day's permit. There is no public transportation to the park, so you must use your own transportation.


    The Kalash Valley, composed of Bumboret, Rumbur and Birir, is the homeland of the Kalash people. The Kalash people are the religion and minority of Pakistan and have their own beliefs, culture and language. The valley where they live is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan, not only because of their natural scenery, but also because of the beauty of Kalash itself. 

    Lumber Valley is particularly impressive. Here, miles of dusty roads and mountains rumbling along the Kalash River. The Kalashes live in wooden huts attached to high mountains. These women are famous for their brightly colored traditional clothing and hats, unlike any other place in Pakistan. It is easy to reach one of the valleys these days. 

    If you decide to go to Rumbur, please spend a day hiking in the valley. Rumbur’s last settlement, Sheikhandeh, was an ancient Nuristani village whose residents crossed the border into Pakistan hundreds of years ago.


    Although it is a bit remote compared to some of the other beautiful Pakistani tourist attractions on this list, the Shimshal Valley is well worth the effort required to reach it. As we all know, this place is a major adventure destination, especially popular with climbers and climbers, but Shimshal is not just one of the best places in Pakistan for adrenaline junkies. 

    When summer comes, the town itself is sacred. Incredibly, it relies almost entirely on solar energy! A more relaxing short hike to the nearby yak ranch can also be arranged, where you can simply stroll and enjoy the magnificent scenery and mustard flower fields.


    This high mountain pass is not for the faint-hearted. This popular tourist attraction is nearly 4,600 meters (15,397 feet) above sea level, connecting Pakistan and China, forming the world's highest paved border crossing. Many people ventured to the border to take photos at the official gate, surrounded by amazingly high peaks and meadows. 

    As for transportation, it is best to drive here by yourself, as bus tickets can be expensive. Hitchhiking is also an option for adventurous travelers, as it can be found in most areas of the Karakoram Highway.


    Islamabad may be a dazzling "new" city, but did you know that it also has a variety of hills that are great for climbing? Margala Hills stretches over 12,000 hectares and contains multiple walking and running trails. 

    Climb the peaks of the mountains to show off Islamabad in ways you might not know. Few places in Pakistan are so close to cities but so closely connected to nature.


    Say hello to another most beautiful place in Pakistan, this time a 16th-century fortress, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Rotasburg is located near Jhelum, Punjab, about a 4-hour drive from Lahore and a 2-hour drive from Islamabad. 

    The fort is one of the largest fortresses in the subcontinent. Despite its age, it is still in good condition. It is possible to spend hours wandering around the huge structure, this is a beautiful relic that can almost bring visitors back in time. It is easy to get lost between the wall and the door for a whole day. 

    Please note that the fort charges 500 rupees for foreigners and 20 rupees for Pakistanis.


    The beautiful places of Pakistan really cover every imaginable landscape...including the cold desert of Kapana. Although it has all the characteristics of a "hot" desert, what makes Katpana stand out is its altitude. In fact, it will be covered by snow in winter.

     It is said to be the highest cold desert in the world, and the dunes at this altitude look truly unique. Few countries have such rare things. Travelers can easily reach the Kapana Desert from Skardu, as it is only about 30 minutes away from the hotel. However, don't expect public transportation.


    Although it has become a bit touristy (and expensive), Fairy Meadows is definitely a blast. From the grass, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Nanga Prabat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. Going to the Fairy Meadow is a challenge. 

    The journey begins with a jeep ride on one of the most dangerous roads in the world, and ends with a 5-km hike. You can rent a campsite, or you can bring your own gear and enjoy one or two nights and admire one of the most epic attractions in Pakistan. 

    Currently, the price of a jeep on the grass is about 8,000 rupees ($51), and it is forbidden to walk on the road. Fortunately, the cost can be shared with other travelers.

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