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    10 Best Software Companies In The Pakistan

    Pakistan's technological and software development sector has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade. Pakistani start-ups and businesses have also become a huge part of the country's economic landscape. Software companies in Pakistan are located all over the country, but tend to concentrate within city limits or just outside of them.


    Hunain Mustafa-CEO of OKTOPUS TECH. OKTOPUS TECH was established in 2020 and provides multiple services worldwide. More than 20+ team members work under OKTOPUS TECH. The services provided by OKTOPUS TECH include: Web development, web hosting, social media marketing, mobile applications, graphic design and much more.

    Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh is the founder of Axact in Karachi, Pakistan. Axact was founded in 1997, when there were only 10 super genius workers, they used to work in a room. Thanks to their efforts in 2013, Axact has become the world's most popular IT company with 8 growing companies and products. These 8 growing companies include 5,200 employees. In addition, Axact plans to increase its exports of computers to Pakistan by US$50 billion by increasing its workforce to 100,000.


    The founder of Arbisoft Private Ltd. is Yasser Bashir. Arbisoft was founded by a group of skilled and consistent technicians with many years of hard work experience in software development. Their goal is to create a healthy and more efficient environment for excellent software developers to create excellent software applications and unparalleled relationships. Arbisoft alone relies on its outstanding performance in the industry to occupy a good position among the top 20 software companies in Lahore.


    Abacus was founded in 1987 by CEO Fatima Asad Khan. They have a track record of more than 30 years and have been developed by focusing on establishing extensive partnerships and continuous investment with international managers. They currently have offices in 4 different countries and provide services to more than 500 client companies worldwide.


    The Arpatech organization was founded by Pakistani American Jamal Khan, who completed his studies in the United States and worked for a leading Silicon Valley company for 5 years in 2004. Arpatech ranks the 3rd solution in the list of 25 most agile development software. Pakistani company.


    10Pearls is a Karachi-based software company founded in 2004. The co-founders are two brothers Imran Aftab and Zeeshan. 10Pearls is a recognized software company due to its extensive web development, game and mobile application development skills. 10Pearls stated that "gamification" is an appropriate proof of accepting that the company works in an extremely good and methodical way to produce outstanding solutions.


    Zain Chaudhary, Executive Director of Inbound Agency. Umair Malik, founder of Inbound Agency. The newly established institution was established in 2015. They provide multiple services in Multan, Pakistan. More than 15 team members work at the Inbound  agency.


    Umer Atiq-CEO and founder of Techuire. Founded in 2015, Techuire currently has more than 25 members working for the company.

    The Right Software

    Farrukh Javaid, founder and CEO of The Right Software Pvt. Ltd. TRS is headquartered in Islamabad, with more than 50 team members, leading TRS to obtain the title of the best software company in Pakistan. They also work with small businesses in the IT department, business services, retail, IT department, and e-commerce industry.

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