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    Top 10 Trending Movies and TV Series in Canada Today Netflix – DEFOX Reviews

    Overview About Netflix
    Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph are the founder of Netflix, there headquarter is in Los Gatos, California. The Company's Primary business based on subscription which offer's you to stream online television series, Cartoon Shows, Movies, Documentaries, and more for your entertainment they have split and catagorise all the sections as public needs.

    Top 10 Movies and Series in Canada Today!

    Who Killed Sara

    Since the story based on mystery it will be righteous to not revile the end of this story but it keeps a hook for a speech. After watching season 1 you might thing you almost had it all figured out but as the director's David 'Leche' Ruiz, Carlos Bolado and Poncho Pineda want to stretch it more, Alex seems to be cruel after he being framed for his sister's murder but eventually he came back after convicted for the crime he hasn't committed.
    An spectacular curve edit into the story which truly shows the brilliance of the meaningful content and it can't be a easy cheese platter to see you have to hunt it down.

    Honest Thief

    Liam Neeson's is one of the famous action hero for me, There's plenty of exciting action to keep you engaged, weaving the plot around the set pieces.
    Mark Williams have made a simple and enjoyable action flick that won't bore you for a second, Having some resonant emotional is a treat for fans of Neeson and Genre.

    The Irregulars

    Never thought that it will be this much deeper a strange combination of sherlock holmes Dr.Who and Jonathan Creek i almost think it would be some post-modern P.C trash but I really enjoy it so far, massive historical inaccuracies someone who's actually found of traditional holmes weird supernatural meta-fiction can deal with it.


    cliché that would be right to fit, Well i thought it will be a blast and honestly if your one of those tedious and willing to waste you 2 hours its perfect delicious dish that ended with a bitter bite of lemon seeds!

    Bad Trip

    A magnificent work done by Kitao Sakurai really refreshing with all those genuine reactions to the plot that would easily go unquestioned. The best comedy pranks i have ever seen in front of unsuspecting people its outrageous.
    The both leads Eric Andre and Lil Rel Howery done a fantastic job keeping a straight face through the gag science the adult who enjoy raunchy humor will love this!

    New Amsterdam

    Seriously during this distressful pandemic if you’re looking of another medic show in my opinion you should check this out well written, sensitive story line realistic, heart wrenching to watch.
    One thing I have noticed every medical season has something unique to offer, In case of New Amsterdam it’s the social issues they have highlighted. For instance they have discussed topics like child abuse and medical insurance for all the patient. As far as medical accuracy is concern it’s far better than gray's Anatomy and House MD.


    Okay this is something which is really cool!! seaspiracy film on environmental impact of fishing, produced by the same team as 2014's Cowspiracy the Sustainability Secret, which reveals the huge damage of commercial fishing.
    It's a eye opener for those shocker and the corruption expose in the global fishing industry. Pretty darn good facts highlighted by 2021 documentary based on source of EPR and DHA, Omega-3 fats which are essential for our health. I do recommend this film.

    Gods of Egypt

    Fantasy that keeps you warmer with the past history of redemption from underworld god who seizes the throne and spread terror on the land. Actually sometime it’s good to have a change in taste wonderful visuals, epic costumes, unique and creative monsters and a great message and quite humorous although actors are little off the table as in my opinion they should use Egyptians rather than Americans but this is what we called actual Mythological/Historical movie.

    Secret Magic Control Agency

    I really love the work of screenwriter they have done a marvelous job, the attractive animations, choice of words. It might seen unrealistic for grown-ups but it will amaze kids.
    Trending and popular TV series, Movies on Netflix reviews Canada. What are the trending series and movies on Netflix?

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