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    Want to control sugar? So try this natural recipe and take full advantage

    Almonds are a fruit that everyone loves. Almonds provide the body with fifteen different nutrients, including vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and potassium. According to medical experts, almonds are useful for blood pressure, heart health, digestive system and at the same time it is also helpful in lowering sugar levels.
    There are many treatments and medications for diabetes. But today here we tell you about natural remedies through almonds which can reduce diabetes.

    * Take almond kernels.
    * Then mix one lemon juice in them and peel the mouth.
    * Within 20 days the sugar level will drop significantly.

    But remember, this method helps keep sugar insulin levels low but will not eliminate permanent sugar. So make almonds a part of your diet and keep your sugar levels low

    Note: This is general information. See your doctor for more information.

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