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    Ways To Treat Your Injuries And Chronic Pain Naturally

    Treatment of all kinds of injuries and chronic pain. Learn the famous sage Shah Nazeer's prescription that gives relief from every pain
    Often children, old or young, fall, get injured while walking or running, and then the injury causes pain in the bones that does not go away for several days, or an internal injury due to slipping feet. There is no pain.
    Today we will give you the famous Hakim Shah Nazeer to get rid of such problems. Let's start the treatment for the oldest pain again.

    Easy treatment of injury and chronic pain


    Injury powder ... 50 grams
    Flour wood powder 1 tablespoon
    Mango Turmeric Powder A tablespoon
    Mustard oil.... As needed


    Mix all the mentioned ingredients and make a paste by mixing mustard oil in it. Now heat it on the stove and then apply pus where there is internal pain in the body due to injury and bandage it. Remember It should be used not for the wound but for the pain of the internal injury.
    You can also take this ointment, take 50 grams of each ingredient, mix it into powder and mix it with mustard oil and when you need to use it, heat it and apply it semi-warm and bandage it. Will relieve chronic injury pain, back pain, internal injury pain.

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