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    Colorful Flower Decoration - Home Decoration

    Winter wants farewell and spring is coming. Flower shows are taking place in the cities. The scent of pink winters in the air is taking away the tiredness of centuries with its beauty and romantic feeling. The light bulbs light up, and it is this flowering that helps keep life alive and evoke positive thoughts.
    Among the fresh flowers for the interior decoration of the house, there is a flower that doubles every day with a very pleasant feeling.

    If red roses are also included in this white milky bouquet, then it is accompanied by gold. Even if three to four twigs are placed in crystal vases, the fragrance spreads from the hallway to the porch and the room.

    Balls, pearls, queen of the night, king of the day Cosmos, mini plant and herbaceous plants you can grow in pots and beds in the house.

    Fern and cane can also be planted in small pots. This decoration will not only reflect the charm and spring of spring season but will also express the aesthetic and creative qualities in your personality. From these green and colorful flowers Spring will slowly set foot in your home and will also help you move forward in the form of peace, love, nation, harmony of mind and positive thoughts.

    Dried flower decoration
    Did you know that using flowers and fragrant twigs as a decoration for dried flowers is also a sign of high aesthetic taste? It is very important to take measures to be happy and happy.

    Grasses, Cones, Berries, Fern and SeedPods in dried flowers can also be used for kitchen gardening.
    Fresh flowers wither for any reason, such as when the weather changes. But dried flowers, even those made of paper, plastic, taffeta, velvet and other materials, can be preserved for a long time, if not always. Dust it regularly.

    Vacuum or use a hair dryer to protect them from dust.

    For best results, you can choose standard flowers and decorate them by drying them. However, it is very important to protect them from fungus. Fresh flowers are also taught in the shade. They should not be exposed to strong and intense sun for example. But Zinnia, Holly Berry and Black Eyed Susan may be the best choices.

    These dried flowers range in age from one year to six months, until many spring homes are visited.
    The challenge of feng shui
    The people of China practice feng shui in the interior decoration of houses, arrangement of equipment and feng shui for a safe and healthy atmosphere to prevent environmental pollution. It is considered a dangerous factor and dried flowers are a waste of fresh flowers, so this clutter should be kept indoors.

    Experts have disproved the assumption that "flower gifts should be understood from the heart and should pay attention to the words of the heart." Choose flowers for gifts so they keep boosting energy in the home even when they are dry. For example, lavender flowers are important in feng shui decoration, whether they are dried or fresh. It is a manifestation of energy and happiness.

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