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    How Much Do Fashion Designers Make in US ? A short guide to fashion designer salaries.

    A Fashion Designer’s salary is based on a number of factors. These include the location in which you work, your experience and education, and the type of company that employs you.


    Your new job as a fashion designer changes your salary. In the United States, most jobs in the fashion industry will be located in New York or Los Angeles. Work in New York is often more expensive than in Los Angeles, but it also costs a lot of money to live in New York. There are also services spread across cities such as Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Miami. Sometimes work in these areas can be more expensive than in Los Angeles or New York just because it is harder for people to compete for those who will be in these positions. In my experience, the salary for a fashion designer in Los Angeles is about $80,000. This does not include any amount a developer can receive in addition to their monthly salary, whereas this amount may vary.

    Education and experience

    Education and experience will affect your salary. The feeling I get in the industry of Los Angeles is that experience is given more weight than education. Most employers do not care whether you have a two-year, four-year or dropped out before you finished your program if you have the experience.
    But when exploring jobs in other areas such as NYC or Dallas, the Midwest, I found that even with less experience, they still valued my education. As an entry-level fashion designer (assistant), my average salary was $27,000-$40,000.
    Once you have a few years of experience and reach mid-level, your salary is about $35,000$65,000. As you gain more experience over the years, you can make anywhere from $65,000$150,000. It's possible to make even more than that as well if you work for a high-end company.


    If you work for a smaller start-up company, your salary will be much less than if you work for a large corporation. Smaller companies have fewer funds to pay employees, while big corporations can afford to pay more. Also, freelancers may make more money than someone who works full time at one company.
    Freelancers usually charge more, but it usually evens out because you will not be guaranteed a steady income and will have to pay for your own benefits.

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