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    What Is Microsoft Azure And How Does It Differ From Other Cloud Computing Platforms?

    A business cannot stay ahead of the competition without the use of any cloud computing platform. The importance of bringing your business to an IT infrastructure environment is important now more than ever. 

    Unlike other platforms, Azure is perfect for a growing business. Relying on a basic IT infrastructure environment poses many risks - risks that can compromise your business. A setback is too costly for your growing business to afford. Thus, integrating a cloud computing platform like Azure into your business is a crucial need. 

    Azure isn’t complicated to use and your team will easily learn the platform. Similarly, the platform aims to provide security and recognizes the importance of data privacy. 

    With that said, you’re probably wondering what exactly Azure is all about and what makes it different compared to other platforms. Read on to learn more.

    Easy Migration To Hybrid Model 

    At some point, your business will have to migrate to hybrid cloud security solutions to adapt to the changing digital environment. The likeability of a business not following the same principle is low along with the fact that workload gets heavier for a growing business. 

    Thus, separating the less-sensitive workload out of your private cloud network is executable by migrating to a hybrid model. It's important in order to cut the cost and to make the workloads more manageable. By getting Azure as a platform, this process will be much easier. 


    Azure is scalable when it comes to business growth. This helps in providing advantages of changing software and apps based on the demand of your changing business. Azure offers services in modifying both platform services and IT infrastructure. 

    It doesn’t matter what the size of your business is. With Azure, you can guarantee a flexible platform without costing you a huge amount of money once your business demands immediate changes. 

    Adjustable For Specific Industries

    Some industries have unique requirements for getting the right solutions. It’s either they have more sensitive information to protect and the risks are bigger than usual. That is why Microsoft Azure developed applications dedicated to unique industries. Some of which are government, insurance companies, healthcare, and more. Specifically, Microsoft Azure has private cloud platforms for a more secured movement of data. 

    To understand Microsoft Azure and other platforms let's begin delving into two different types of models.

    SaaS. The first common model prevalent in most businesses is Software as Service or (SaaS). In this platform, there's no need to download anything to an individual computer. You can run a SaaS through a web browser. Because of these software upgrades, installation application updates are completely eliminated, making it more efficient when it comes to IT management. 

    PaaS. With a PaaS model platform, your developers can develop customized applications based on the provided frameworks. Although it requires a lot of work when it comes to your IT personnel, PaaS is best suited for the tech industries. Microsoft Azure can be defined in this category. This is because it provides unlimited possibilities in developing software and applications 

    Key Takeaway 

    Overall, almost all cloud computing platforms are useful for your business. Yet, Microsoft Azure is one of the most in-demand in the market. The application of their service can be both a platform and an infrastructure. 

    The maintenance of the software and applications is also much higher and can only be provided by IT services. For that reason, hiring an IT service provider or having an in-house expert in a company should be taken into consideration.

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