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    Unique And Appealing Designs For Bathroom Fixtures

    The quality of your bathroom says a lot about the quality of life you have. Scrubbing yourself while taking a shower is the most convenient way to let go of your mind for a while. Showers have a therapeutic effect, especially after a long stressful day. Bathroom storage, sinks, and all fixtures should be in the proper place.

    Your first impression of your bathroom determines the quality of your experience. If things are not placed properly, we cannot stand to stay longer. This could lead to a low-quality hygiene habit. Hygiene is one of the most important factors in our mental health. Hence, it's important to add more appeal to your bathroom fixtures to make your daily experience in hygiene more exciting and comfortable.

    Over The Door Shelf

    If your bathroom is smaller than the average, adding cabinets will be impossible. The space on the top of the small bathrooms, however, is wide enough for the doors to be attached with a shelf. This will come in handy for storing both regular and bath towels. However, you need to add a stool inside your bathroom as toilets and smooth surfaces can be dangerous for stepping. With an over-the-door shelf, you can save more space and add more items inside your bathroom.

     Single Wall Outlet Shelf

    If you can't put your smartphone away because you're expecting a call or you simply own an electronic toothbrush and bathroom gadgets, a wall outlet shelf is a perfect fixture for your bathroom. You can even plug your phone inside your bathroom, reducing the chance of missing important calls. With a single wall outlet, you can charge your electric toothbrush while taking a long shower. It's a power outlet with a shelf on the top where you can place electronic devices for charging. 

    Custom Shelves

    Aside from over-the-door shelves, you can also add custom shelves to your bathroom if you have a bigger space. Custom shelves are useful especially if you spend a lot of time with hygiene. They can also add an appeal to your bathroom. Knowing that items are placed properly, can give a positive impact on your well-being. Yet custom shelves are time-consuming for DIY, luckily there are shelves that can be set up without using power tools. All you need to do is assemble the parts and you can already have your own custom bathroom shelves.

    Magnetic Strips 

    Tweezers, nail cutters, hairpins, and other metallic hygiene tools are stressful when we misplaced them. They are small and sharp and sometimes can cut you. Hence a magnetic strip to hold them together solves this problem for you. Even if splashed with water it does not get wet for too long and does not contain water and dirt over time. It's pretty uncommon in bathrooms and can give a neat look to your bathroom. With these fixed to yours, you won't have to scratch again looking for small metallic hygiene tools you misplaced somewhere.

    Key Takeaway 

    Bathroom fixtures improve the quality of your life not only for the benefit of convenience but as an extra supporting factor to your well-being. We use the bathroom not just to clean ourselves but also our minds. Hygiene and mental health are deeply connected. Hence you should invest more resources in improving hygiene by adding useful bathroom fixtures. At Perfect Home, they have products to make your daily bathroom experience better. Aside from fixtures variety of useful accessories are sold at very affordable prices. Their transactions are done online and the products of your choosing are delivered to your doorstep.

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