Ericsson’s new open lab will promote the development of network virtualization technology

 Ericsson’s new open lab will promote the development of network virtualization technology

The new facility is located in Ottawa, supporting Ericsson’s global commitment to innovative 5G radio access virtualized network technology. The company announced that it has created new products with communication service providers and ecosystem partners. “The new lab supports Ericsson’s global commitment to” innovative virtualized 5G radio access network technology.

“Ericsson customers can start by focusing on Ericsson Cloud RAN products, creating new deployment scenarios / use cases, Increase automation and reduce labor intervention Ericsson’s open lab is almost available to customers around the world and is located in the same location as the company Cloud RAN expertise at Ericsson’s R&D Center in Ottawa.

The company will support these activities on a global scale. SEE: COVID -19 Workplace Policy (TechRepublic Premium) Ericsson stated that its purpose is to help service providers find and implement new implementations and use case scenarios. 5G, and create opportunities to increase automation and reduce manual intervention. Lab is for further exploration of Open RA N Technology provides space, including virtualization, management, and orchestration. Ericsson Open Lab cooperation will use Ericsson’s cloud-native infrastructure technology and off-the-shelf commercial servers and accelerated advancement of hardware RAN software, but also machine learning, network automation Strengthen cooperation with service providers communication and industry partners in areas such as optimization and optimization.

Service providers include KDDI, Ooredoo, Orange, Softbank Corp, Turkcell, and ecosystem partners such as Intel, NVIDIA, Red Hat, and Wind River. As the Cloud RAN network requirements continue to evolve for collaborative activities, it will attract more customers and partners. “Open technology has laid the foundation for the modern mobile miracle, connecting today’s more than 8 billion devices to a set of global operating standards,” said Fredrik Jejdling, executive vice president, Ericsson Business Area Network Leader.

Ericsson Open Labs’ cloud-native technology supports virtual user collaboration and virtual meeting applications. SEE: The future of 5G: projection, implementation, use cases, etc. (Free PDF) (TechRepublic) “Cooperation with Ericsson in an open lab will allow our design and engineering teams to collaborate in real time and jointly develop new virtualized RAN technologies, to accelerate the intelligence and agility of 5G networks,” he said. Toshikazu Yokai, CEO and CTO Mobile KDDI. The Open RAN journey, interoperability, cloud and automation are Orange’s key themes. “Through cooperation, we are able to explore innovative, flexible and innovative technologies such as Cloud RAN on COTS hardware, to achieve the evolution of mobile networks, “said Orange Wireless Network Senior Vice President Arnaud Vamparys.” At the Ottawa site, you can test the 100MHz indoor mid-band spectrum and the 60MHz indoor / outdoor mid band. And joint creation activities. This enables customers and partners to meet their own spectrum stocks and indoor and outdoor network use case requirements. .

To build and test Cloud RAN capabilities. “We have established this partnership to develop a common architecture and operating standards to complement existing 5G-ready technologies. Jejdling said.” As the industry continues to embrace more open architectures, the plan will help test the limits of 5G connectivity and will work in close collaboration with global carriers and corporate customers. “After Ericsson announced the development of its Cloud RAN product portfolio, the launch of Open Lab. The lab will support further development of Cloud RAN solutions on COTS hardware to improve the efficiency and flexibility of customer networks.

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