Kate Middleton was a major supporter of Meghan Markle before Megsett

 Kate Middleton was a major supporter of Meghan Markle before Megsett

Although Meghan Markle claimed in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that she was with Kate Middleton, the relationship is still very bad, but a source said that Kate Middleton maintained a good relationship throughout the entire process.

The Duchess of Sussex had a dispute with the Duchess of Cambridge. She claimed it was a false report. He also said the latter cried after a dispute over the flower girl’s dress during Meghan’s wedding. Regarding the article about Kate, she fired her no matter what.

She said, “I think it is very important that people know the truth.” He also hoped that Kate “wants to be corrected”, emphasized that she is a “good person” and apologized to her. Meghan featured her many friendly photos of the two women when they were engaged to the royal family.

She said: “My experience in the last four years is completely different from the real situation.” However, Carolyn Durand said “Hi! Magazine, Kate has always been a supporter. Source said:” Kate has always been an important source of support for Meghan before Archie was born.

Despite the broken reports, they are a family and have a very lovely friendship. “Her relationship with him As time went by, the relationship between them has grown closer since Megan’s wedding.” They talk and text. regularly, and they have more in common.

Kate wants to make sure Meghan is welcomed by her family. “Another source also told The People:” That’s a feeling of strengthening their relationship. “Each of them relaxed. A bit. They have more in common now.”

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