Verizon and Dreamscape Acriveive jointly mandate on virtual reality and 5G

 Verizon and Dreamscape Acriveive jointly mandate on virtual reality and 5G

These two companies will calculate optimized VR applications for 5G networks and moving edges.


Dreamscape Immersive mobile lab.

Image: Dreamscape

VERIZON and DREAMSCAPE ACRIVE, Virtual Reality (VR) application developers, announced on Thursday The partnership of VR applications focuses on immersive profit and training applications used in enterprises, public sector and education environments. The two companies will also be formed, as well as the University of Arizona, is a special VR innovation laboratory to develop cutting-edge learning applications. The company said that as Dreamscape’s “Official 5G Innovation Partners”, Verizon passed Verizon Ventures in the company equity equity.

“Use 5G and Edge Computing, we are using lower cost, Tether VR hardware, and powerful and complex VR experience to promote VR education and training simulation, exceeding the previously considered possible VR Education and Training Simulation,” CEO of Verizon Business ” Tami Erwin is expressed, statement. “This has opened the door for the new experience and makes VR training easier for students, students and professionals.

” For the future 5G: forecast, promotion, use cases and more (TechRepublic) Verizon and Dreamscape learning, The partnership between Dreamscape and ASU will use their VR innovation laboratory to create an immersive learning experience for various education levels to provide vivid, active VRs, providing vivid, active VRs. Environment, among which students become scientists explorers, discover new worlds and complex problems and issues, “ASU President Michael crow said in a statement. Verizon and Dreamscape will also develop Avatar-driven life training and simulation experiences, aimed at administrative vertical and use Dreamscape Avatar to drive education and actual training platforms. When combined with the ultra-low delay 5G network, the simulation will make large groups interact with each other at the distance.

“Dreamscape is based on the premise, we can go beyond physical restrictions, create new ways for our world learning, drama and work,” said Dreamscape CEO Walter Parkes, in a statement. “With Verizon as our partner, we can drive the limit of VR.” Dreamscape is the establishment of Parks, former producers, screenwriter and Dream dynamics in 2017; Bruce, Disney’s former Chief Creative Officials; Kevin wall, music event producers and serial entrepreneurs; Aaron Grosky, a live event manufacturer; Swiss computer scientists Cecilia Char bonier and Sylvainchagué; and entrepreneur Ronald London. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles in Geneva, Switzerland.

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